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SlingPlayer Now Available In App Store


After much drama being born from the initial submission of Sling Media’s SlingPlayer application submission to Apple, the app is finally available.  Earlier today, AT&T released a statement regarding the lack of support on 3G and EDGE streaming in SlingPlayer Mobile. Due to the chance of network overwhelming on AT&T’s end, they will not permit the application to operate on their network, but streaming is still available over WiFi. Interestingly, the SlingPlayer Mobile application is available on many other smartphone handsets, which support streaming over 3G.

SlingPlayer Mobile is now availabe in the App Store [iTunes Link] for the price of $29.99. This application allows you to watch and control your home TV and DVR from your iPhone or iPod Touch through the use of SlingMedia’s Slingbox. Due to the reasons stated above by AT&T, the application will only stream video over WiFi and does not support 3G and Edge at this time.

We can only hope that future will bring streaming to the iPhone and iPod Touch over 3G and Edge, as the handset continually steps towards a  mobile media device.

App Store Link: SlingPlayer Mobile | $29.99

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Twitterrific 2.0 Now Available on the App Store!


Twitterific was originally one of the first Twitter Mac clients, as well as appearing as a jailbreak application well before the App Store was introduced.  Once Apple opened up the App Store with OS 2.0, Twitterific made it’s appearance, taking over the Twitter iPhone client scene for quite some time. It’s reputation started off big by taking home the Apple Design Award during WWDC in 2008, and also having it’s desktop counterpart – Twitterrific for Mac. However, as time moved on, more applications were released, slowly taking Twitterrific’s spot; one of my favorite’s being Loren Brichter’s Tweetie.

The Iconfactory combatted this problem by responding with Twitterrific 2.0, which we discussed last week. Iconfactory’s Gedeon Maheux gave users a first look and demonstration of the new client during the Triangle Tweetup last week.  Included below are the more notable features included with the 2.0 version.

  • Multiple account support
  • Filters for mentions
  • Favorites
  • Trends
  • Search by keyword, person, location, saved searches, or notes on users
  • Ability to follow/unfollow/block
  • expanded and condensed views with quick access to Twitter bios

Twitterrific 2.0 is now available on the App Store as a free upgrade for existing users and in two forms. New users can download and ad-supported free version [App Store], or pay an introductory price of $4 for an ad-free premium version [App Store]. With all the recent Twitter applications featuring new functionality and usablitiy, will Twitterrific 2.0 be able to raise the standards as they did in the 1.0 release?

Check after the break for a video walkthrough by Macworld and a gallery of screenshots!

Read more…

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Twitterrific 2.0 Sneak Peak

Above is a video taken during the Triangle Tweetup, as Gedeon Maheaux, from the Iconfactory, walks through the upcoming Twitterrific 2.0 Twitter client for the iPhone. The 2.0 provides substantial updates from the previous version, making it a top contender among iPhone Twitter clients. Here are some of the new features included:

  • Multiple account support
  • Filters for mentions
  • Favorites
  • Trends
  • Search by keyword, person, location, saved searches, or notes on users
  • Ability to follow/unfollow/block
  • expanded and condensed views with quick access to Twitter bios

Twitterrific 2.0 is currently going through the application approval process and should be available in the next week or so. Let’s just hope it doesn’t see the same problems as the last Twitter update submission.

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Swine Flu Tracker Coming to App Store

swine flu tracker

Swine flu? There’s an app for that. All kidding aside, IntuApps responded to the swine flu pandemic by creating an app – the perfect opportunity for developers!

Swine Flu Tracker is currently awaiting approval for the iTunes App Store and gives users an easy way to retrieve detailed information about the flu. It allows you to see the current threat level, pins on Google maps showing confirmed and suspected cases, symptom information, and an alert page for breaking swine flu news.

This application should give people a centralized location to find real-time information about the swine flu, rather than trying to follow the media. Now we wait for Apple’s dodgy approval process to this application, that is if we’re still living.

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Nine Inch Nails App Rejected


One of Trent Reznor’s latest tweets explains that apple has rejected the ever so popular Nine Inch Nails application. Apparently, it referenced objectional content in “The Downward Spiral”.

“Apple rejects the NIN iPhone update because it contains objectionable content. The objectionable content referenced is “The Downward Spiral”

The Downward Spiral was NIN’s hit album in 1994, and it’s safe to assume that one or more of the songs included questionable content and kept this update from reaching the app store. What’s surprising is Apple holds these same songs available for purchase in the app store (along with previews), yet no where in the app does it allow you to listen to this content.

It appears that apple still hasn’t changed their app approval system for the better. Trent Reznor blatantly explains the issue – along with his anger – on this NIN forums post. He also shows the message and violations received from Apple. Hopefully Apple can pull their act together for good.

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Baby Shaker iPhone App Approved, Quickly Removed


If the ridiculous farting apps were not enough, we now have baby shaking apps – or at least we did. This morning Apple approved the appliction “Baby Shaker”, before quickly removing it from the app store hours later. The app is very simple and works just like you think it would – when the application opens there is a black and white baby sketch that cries annoyingly until you shake the phone enough to make it stop, which results in a pair of red X’s appearing over its eyes.

The app debuted at 99 cents, which definitely is not worth the money given it’s poor execution and offensive objectives. We know Apple is notorious for a horrible application approval process, but when applications of this nature slip through and wonderful applications from hardworking developers are getting denied, I think something is wrong.

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Faces – Face Recognition Coming to iPhone


Faces, by Polar Bear Farm, is bringing face detection and recognition to the iPhone.  Polar Bear Farm has produced other beautifully engineered and designed apps like Record, Search, and Nice List.  Faces works similar to how iPhoto integrated their face recognition software; take a photo or existing picture on the iPhone and faces will attempt to recognize and tag people in the photo. Face detection and recognition is all processed through their servers and private to your account. As you name people, the software improves recognition the more you use it.

As the photo is processed and detection is completed, the photo will appear with a white border around it providing the user with a confirmation and deny button as well as a name match. If no match is found you can tap the name field and enter the person. What’s great about Faces, is not only does it integrate your contacts, but also your Facebook account. As you start typing the name, contacts from your address book, Facebook, and existing names in the database or shown in real time. Once tagged, pictures can be saved for later or uploaded to Facebook while retaining the tagged people and linking to their respective profile.

Faces has apparently been in the App Store approval queue for two weeks now, and is receiving some scrutiny from Apple, which the developers are not too fond of. One of Layton’s recent tweets not only expresses his frustration, but that Apple is requiring unexpected additional time for review, making the app not so sure of approval without massive changes. Faces sure looks promising, so we’re crossing our fingers in hopes that Apple does indeed approve their application. We’ll keep you updated.

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Official Skype App Available in App Store

iPhone Skype

After much anticipation, the official Skype application is now available in the iTunes App Store. Skype is a very popular Voice-Over-IP (VOIP) and messaging client that allows calls and messages to be sent to other users over the internet. Calls can also be made to those with landline phones with the purchase of credit through Skype.

CNET had some in-depth time with the new release of the iPhone application:

Skype’s screens are well organized and use the iPhone’s ability to add filters, for instance, to sort your contacts alphabetically, or by who’s online. There’s chatting as well, though Skype’s flagship feature is its VoIP calling that’s free to other Skype users and an inexpensive per-minute fee to landlines. Calls on Skype for iPhone work only if you’re in range of a Wi-Fi network, so your call quality will in part be at the mercy and strength of wireless networks nearby–calls will not work over the cell phone network on the iPhone (but chatting will.)

If you’re a heavy Skype user, or have heard all the ranting and raving but never checked it out, now would be a great time to do so. Keep in mind that calls may only be made over WiFi connection and not over cellular connection per Apple’s restrictions. If you get the chance to try out the app, drop a comment and let us know what you think!

Update: A developer friend has confirmed that the iPhone 3.0 OS allows Skype calls to be made over the 3G network.

Skype is available in the iTunes App Store for Free [LINK]

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BeeJiveIM Implements Anti-Piracy Feature


BeeJiveIM, one of the most popular and feature rich applications in the App Store released a new update which included an interesting security measure.  The update was put forth to reduce pirated version of the application, similar to many other developers in the support for anti-piracy.

When the user attempts a login from any of the various services (aim, msn, icq, etc) a black screen comes up reading ‘PC LOAD LETTER’.  It then quits the application and promptly opens an Office Space clip  [Video here] through the youtube application. Curious users began asking questions; Was it a glitch? A hidden easter egg? Nope! The BeeJiveIM developers purposely implemented the anti-piracy feature into the application to ward away those hacked versions.  Below is a statement directly issues from the developers.

We have recently implemented new anti-piracy measures in BeejiveIM for iPhone. We have tried to keep our approach fun with an error message and a video. But we hope our message is clear: please respect the work of developers.

While this does shoo away many iPhone culprits, you can always copy the ‘iTunesMetadata.plist’ file from another application and throw it in the BeeJiveIM folder for a fix. However this does require a jailbroken iPhone and we are not condoning any piracy.  You should always support the developers, especially if they’ve created a great application like BeejiveIM.

BeeJiveIM is currently available in the iTunes App Store for $9.99 [LINK]

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Tweetie 1.3 Now Approved For App Store

March 10th, 2009 by

Tweetie 1.3 appWas this the result of viscious outcry of angry customers earlier today? Perhaps, the Twitter universe complaining of Apple’s lack of common sense?  We discussed early the rejection of Tweetie 1.3 because ‘Offensive Language” showed up in Twitter’s public ‘Trend’ search.  It seems as though Apple has come to their senses and have approved Tweetie 1.3 as Loren Britcher reports on Twitter:

Great news! 1.3 has now been approved! Alright Apple!

So was the rejection just a minor overlook that Tweetie had to unfortunately experience? We can only hope that Apple is working on getting their application approval process back in order.

If you’d like to view the new features present in Tweetie 1.3 click here.

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