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Dev-Team to Present iPhone 3.0 Unlock Yellowsn0w Demo, Jailbreak Coming


Dev-team member, Musclenerd, sent out a tweet earlier today about an upcoming live demo of the Yellowsn0w unlock for iPhone 3.0. The live demonstration will showcase their iPhone 3g carrier unlock this Tuesday, and should answer many questions.

The dev-team also state that a final iPhone 3.0 jailbreak that will work with iTunes 8.2 is in the final stages of testing and should be available very soon. Stay tuned on iPIB for a link to the live video stream tomorrow, or follow @MuscleNerd on Twitter for updates.

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How To: Use SlingPlayer Over 3G


Since the release of Slingmedia’s SlingPlayer Mobile application less than a few days, there’s been much controversy over AT&T’s restriction which makes the app usable only over WiFi. Apparently, the data usage would be too extreme for their servers, even though many other handsets on the AT&T service have the ability to stream video over Edge and 3G. However, as usual, the jailbreak community has come through with a fix to this problem.

The solution to streaming video over Edge and 3G is using a hack which serves to trick any application into thinking it’s operating over WiFi, even though it’s on a cellular provider’s data connection. You’ll be able to configure what applications are tricked, which can come in handy in many situations.

There’s two ways to go about enabling this hack: A simple install from Cydia, or manually editing files within the iPhone. The first solution is the easiest, however if you don’t want this hack applying to Skype and Fring as well as SlingPlayer, I would recommend doing the second example. A jailbroken iPhone is required for the following steps (Refer to our How-To section for more information).

Simple Install

Open the Cydia application and search for Tricker ThreeG. Installing this application will enable the hack in SlingPlayer, Skype, and Fring. Do a restart, and you’re good to go. It’s as simple as that!

Manual Install

Install the following packages through Cydia on the iPhone:

  • Mobile Substrate
  • OpenSSH
  • VoIPover3G

Once you’ve installed this applications and rebooted your phone, make sure you’re able to SSH into your phone and follow these instructions:

  1. SSH into your iPhone and go to the root directory “/”
  2. Navigate to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries
  3. With a text editor, open VoIPover3G.plist
  4. Look for the following lines (CMD + F is very helpful in this situation)
  5. Filter = {Bundles = (”com.Fringland.Fring”, “”, “com.audiofile.Interstate”, “”);};

    Add this part: , “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer”

    Making it look like this:

    Filter = {Bundles = (”com.Fringland.Fring”, “”, “com.audiofile.Interstate”, “”, “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer”);};

  6. Save these changes and upload the file back to it’s previous location: /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries
  7. Reboot your iPhone – You’re all set. SlingPlayer should now stream over 3G!

So now that you’ve successfully hacked the iPhone to stream video over 3G, start watching those shows!

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iPhone Dev Team Says 10.5.7 Safe for Jailbreak, DFU Bug Fixed


After having to patch in older version of files, or using third party usb hubs to jailbreak from a preventive bug in 10.5.6 that wouldn’t recognize DFU mode, 10.5.7 has fixed it all.  Yesterday, the iPhone Dev-Team shot out a tweet letting users know that the 10.5.7 update is good to go:

The new 10.5.7 Leopard update is safe. In fact it’s more jailbreak-friendly than 10.5.6, since the DFU-mode bug is gone.

It’s good to hear, for once, that Apple has not locked down any options with an update. In this case, the update fixed just what you would expect apple to block.

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iPhone 3.0 Jailbreak Confirmed

iPhone Jailbreak

The Dev Team never ceases to amaze the iPhone community at how fast they pop out updates and innovative information. They have already gotten ahold of the new iPhone 3.0 SDK and confirmed that you will be able to jailbreak iPhone firmware 3.0 when it’s available.

However, be reminded that jailbreak users running unlocked phones via YellowSn0w, to hold off on jailbreaking their iPhone on 3.0 software until all the issues are cleared up.

If you find yourself with access to the 3G IPSW for 3.0 via the iPhone Dev Center program, and you are using yellowsn0w, do not update or restore to that official IPSW. You will lose yellowsn0w and find yourself unable to revert the baseband to get it back.

And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices. It’s just those using 3G yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update.

It’s no surprise that they have already cracked the 3.0 firmware, however as we’ve seen the past, Apple may throw some surprises in last minute differing the beta from the final release. If you’ve got those “itchy update fingers” it would be wise to hold off until everything is stable and you get the thumbs up from the Dev Team.

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Intelliscreen Alternative

I discovered this Intelliscreen alternative a few weeks ago and been using it since.  While it may not have the entirety of features as Intelliscreen includes, the GUI is far better and overall more stable in my opinion.  This alternative is a home screen for the lockbackground that shows a calendar, weather, and status notifications.  With a click on the date the calendar drops down and a weekly weather forecast with icons included when the weather section is clicked.


Required installations include:

  • Status Notifier (Link)
  • Hide lockscreen date (does not apply for weather/notifier version) by downloading this file and placing it into System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit.framework/DateFormats

Download Links:


Here are various screen shots of the hack enabled.  


Credit goes to the following:  Zetetic Apparatchik, productred, nuclear, pablo_aza21, Mac Intosh/Rocky5, Dash, GaMerZ

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