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Tan and Terrific – A New Lifestyle Blog

Tan and Terrific has launched a wonderful lifestyle blow. They post a variety of articles and pictures related to style, art, design, music, and more! It should be the first site you open on a day to day basis.

Check out some of the articles that they have posted:





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iPhone 3.0 Screenshot Gallery

If you’re late to the party, or don’t feel like searching around the web for iPhone 3.0 screenshots – we’ve got them all here for you.  We have been covering, and will continue covering the new features in the iPhone 3.0 beta operating system in posts to come.

If you missed the live updates during the event, or even the streaming keynote, make sure you checkout our iPhone 3.0 Feature Roundup to get a firsthand look into all the new features.

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iPhone 3.0 Roundup: Copy/Paste, MMS, Push Notification, and Much More!

iPhone OS 3.0 iPhone Info Blog

Unless you’ve completely separated yourself from the internet, today was a huge day for iPhone feature updates in the new version of the iPhone OS, version 3.0. If you thought the 2.0 update was big, think again. Over the past week, rumors have been thrown back and forth, from website to website. Speculations about the features to be included in the 3.0 software began to ramp up a few days before the event, many of which came true (Kevin Rose’s speculations we’re spot on).

Apple showed off over 100 new features within iPhone 3.0, which also includes over 1,000 new APIs – something that will surely excite developers. The new version is currently available to members of the developer program, but will be released this summer for everyone else.

To give an overview of what was released we got, push notifications, cut/copy/paste/undo, landscape keyboarding, MMS, peer-to-peer connectivity, voice memoes, CalDAV / /ICS subs, embeddable maps, in-app purchases, search and Spotlight!

Enough of the small talk, let’s get into the vast amount of features!

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iPhone 3.0 to bring Copy & Paste, Push Notifications, and Background Processes?


Yesterday, we discussed that the event on March 17th would be previewing the iPhone OS 3.0. A few sites confirmed that Apple would be showing the new operating system as well as posting the text from Apple’s Invites. However, as we move closer to the event new speculations are coming in.

BGR as we said in yesterdays post claims to have heard that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) and tethering via Bluetooth of USB should be incorporated in the 3.0 update. The absence of MMS turned many people away from the iPhone since it’s launch. MMS would finally offer a solution for users to send and receive photos through SMS, and tethering to share your iPhone’s data connection with the iPhone.

John Gruber also brings forth some interesting points in his “guesses” about iPhone OS 3.0 back in January at Macworld.

As for what might appear in iPhone OS 3.0, here’s my wish list. First, a new home screen app (a.k.a. SpringBoard), designed from the ground up for a system where users have a few dozen or more extra apps installed. Managing dozens of apps on the iPhone today is simply a pain in the ass. Second, maybe an answer to the question of where the background notification API is — you know, the one we were told at WWDC to expect a few months ago, but which we haven’t heard a word about since. And maybe — pretty please, Mr. Forstall, with sugar on top — copy and paste.

Most of these features are what iPhone users have been swooning for over the last few years – especially Copy Paste. Apple promised Push Notifications back in September, which we will likely see in this new operating system. With a completely redesigned home screen, it may introduce new and innovative ways to manage the applications along with categories (perhaps something similar to the iTunes organization concept we posted a few weeks back?).

Additionally, there are reports that apple added support for magnetometers in in Snow Leopard’s CoreLocation framework.  This poses the opportunity of a digital compass, similar to the G1 Android.

So we have copy & paste, MMS, tethering, push notifications, and hopefully a new way to manage applications. Took Apple long enough! Anything else you’d like to see come out of this event?

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Untethered Jailbreak for iPod Touch 2G Now Available

iPhone 2G Untethered

Today is an exciting day for the 2G owners, especially if you’ve been waiting for an untethered method to appear. The dev team has released the first full iPod Touch 2G jailbreak, which exploits a flaw in the bootrom explained below:

The iPod Touch 2G is now another member of the “pwned for life” family. It has a fatal flaw in its bootrom that means you will always be able to pwn these devices no matter what firmware updates come along. This is the full, untethered jailbreak, something that iPod Touch 2G users have not had before today.

The untethered jailbreak is available here, although it is not yet integrated in QuickPwn or Pwnage tool. For more information on the untethered aspect you can read the wiki.

MuscleNerd (developer) states that you can drop this file into your existing PwnageTool or xPwn Flow or combine it with the nor-only variations ot make this easy to install from iTunes without touching your main fs.  If any of you decide to take this route, let us know how it goes.

Read more for instructions from the developers.

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Cydia Store Now Open

cydiastore2The much discussed Cydia Store has launched and is now open.  I discussed Jay Freeman’s opening of the store and reason behind this decision in a post just yesterday.

Cydia Store is nothing more than an update that allows the option of purchasing apps within the current Cydia app.  I was hoping the update would provide a solution similar to Apple’s App Store, but the new store allows quick and easy transactions for apps.  You can either sign in with your Facebook or Google Account, as well as Amazon for payments.  While the store only provides payments through the above logins, Freeman said Paypal will be implemented within the next week.

The first app, developer by the Cydia creator himself, is called Cyntact, which allows you to view address book pictures along side the name when browsing your contacts.  This is a very cool feature, and quite reasonably price at only $1.00.

The new Cydia Store, requires a jailbroken phone and a recent update, allowing access to the new store options and applications.  Once updated, the new applications will appear with a blue highlight, which is only Cyntact at the moment; however more apps will be added soon.

Although this solution is not as ideal as the iTunes App Store – at surely not as mainstream – it still provides an avenue for developers to gain revenue on apps denied by Apple or purely applications they’d like to share with the third-party community.

Will the Cydia Store post a thread to Apple’s App Store?  Perhaps, a lawsuit… Luckily saurik has his lawyers on hand ready for any action.

Read more to view a gallery of screenshots. Read more…

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