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Tan and Terrific – A New Lifestyle Blog

Tan and Terrific has launched a wonderful lifestyle blow. They post a variety of articles and pictures related to style, art, design, music, and more! It should be the first site you open on a day to day basis.

Check out some of the articles that they have posted:





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First iPhone 3G S Videos Hitting YouTube has posted the above video of what is said to be some of the first iPhone 3G S to direct YouTube upload from the handset. We’ll be seeing many more iPhone 3G S videos pouring in for the next few weeks as customers get their hands on a unit.

How does the video look to you?

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App Store Engineers Refuse Q&A at WWDC 2009

iPhone Question and Answer wrote up an excellent article regarding the absence of a Q&A session during WWDC 2009:

The last session of WWDC ‘09 yesterday was about publishing on the App Store. The content of sessions is under NDA, so I can’t tell you what it was about. So I’ll tell you what wasn’t in it: the audience Q&A session that succeeded nearly every other WWDC session and usually provided invaluable access to Apple employees and useful additional knowledge to attendees. The session itself blew through its lightweight examples quickly, ending 45 minutes early. The majority of the audience was clearly there for the Q&A. As people lined up at the microphones around the room, the presenter abruptly showed a simple slide with only “WWDC” in plain lettering, thanked us for coming, and bolted off the stage. The Apple engineers, usually staying around the stage for one-on-one questions, were gone. The lights came up instantly, and it was the only session that didn’t end in music. The audience was stunned.

In the previous WWDC events, the only time a keynote has not seen a Q&A session is when they run out of time. In this specific case, they chose this direction because the App Store team realize what questions and scrutiny would be brought upon them and were unwilling to face these facts.

So what gives Apple?

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iPhone OS Running on Mac Pro & 24″ Display

Swedish site posted an awesome video featuring the iPhone OS running on a 24″ display powered by a Mac Pro. We’re not positive if this truly is the real deal, but it’s a very interesting experience.

All I could think about while watching this demonstration was the idea of a Mac Tablet. We can only dream, right?

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Friday Fun: iPhone User Interface Stencil Kit


If you’re an iPhone developer, this quite possibly could be the best thing that came to hand drawn UI concepts since sliced bread. A stainless steel stencil kit with popular UI elements cutout from the center, all in the shape of an iPhone. It even comes with a Zebra mechanical pencil.

If you’re interested in this product and are one of the thousands of iPhone developers, you better get on this quick as they have only made 100 of these for $16.95. [Design Commission]

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First iPhone 3G S Unboxing Photos


Engadget China has gotten their hands on a 32GB iPhone 3G S and released unboxing pictures into the wild. The new design looks just like the iPhone 3G (nothing new here) but includes new software like the Compass App (complete with re-calibration instructions), voice control, and many more. Unboxing pictures of new products is always exciting!

Check after the break for a full gallery

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Online Apple Store Hacked to Buy iPhone 3G S Without Contract


A user on the iTalkiPhone forums has posted a method which allows you to bypass Apple’s online contract sign-up while purchasing a new iPhone. Apparently over a dozen users have already purchased contract-less iPhone by using this method.

It doesn’t give you the subsidized price of $199/$299, or anything different than a regular iPhone, but it does get you a phone with no contract agreement. For users looking to buy a new iPhone to use on a another service provider without the hassle of signing up and canceling an AT&T plan, this would be a good option.

We’re still not sure if orders placed using this method will actually ship or if Apple will be able to tell which orders were placed through this method and hit the cancel button. We’re also not condoning this, and have only placed the link for recreational and entertainment purposes.

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iPhone 3G S Processor Specs: 600MHz CPU, 256MB of RAM


As usual, Apple is being very secretive about releasing the iPhone 3G S processor specification, but T-Mobile Netherlands seems to feel the exact opposite. They posted up a specs page revealing the new iPhone 3G S to have 256MB of RAM and a 600MHz CPU.

These new increases are up from 128MB and 412MHz that were in the first-generation and 3G iPhone. The 3G S also has the new PowerVR SGX graphics chip that supports OpenGL ES 2.0, so the total speed increase will most likely be more than that of the clock speed. This new speed boost coupled with Open GL ES 2.0 should provide a vast realm for developers and their future applications. Once we get our hands on one, we’ll be able to find it’s true potential.

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Leaked Matte Case was a Real iPhone 3G S Case?

The months before the WWDC Keynote 2009 produced many third-generation iPhone rumors, including a largely known one: A Matte back casing. Quite a few leaked images of this alleged matte backing were leaked onto the internet and looked nearly identical to the iPhone 3G back. Apple released the iPhone 3G S on Monday with a case that is physically identical to that of the iPhone 3G, so were the leaked images fake?

Apparently not.

The leaked matte casing was clearly marked with a new model number A1303 and FCC ID BCGA1303A. Based on the official records released yesterday, the FCC ID is exactly the same as the newly released iPhone 3G S:


It looks as though a faker got lucky in guessing the new model number and FCC ID’s or Apple’s original plan was to produce a matte case, which may have fell through last minute. We’re not sure exactly, but we seem to believe that it was the latter, and the leaked case images were clearly produced by Apple.

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iPhone 3G S Sporting Olephobic Oil-Resistant Screen Coating


MacDailynews has discovered that Apple gave the new iPhone 3G S a small bump in screen specs. We’re not talking OLED or screen resolution, but a new solution to combat finger smudges on the iPhone display. According to the iPhone Cleaning How To:

If your iPhone has an oleophobic coating on the screen (iPhone 3G S only), simply wipe your iPhone’s screen with a soft, lint-free cloth to remove oil left by your hands and face.

It looks as though Apple received enough complaints on the smudges during iPhone use. You can now tap away in a smudge-free environment!

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