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New iPhone to be Called “iPhone Video”?

Tuaw received an anonymous tip stating that AT&T’s support website will update their web form by adding “iPhone Video” as one of the choices when choosing a handset model.

The site currently has the Original iPhone and iPhone 3G as available options, so we’re assuming this pictures was taken of a screenshot or unpublished web content set to go live after the next-generation iPhone release. Similar from the pictures we received yesterday of unpublished content on Apple’s web development server. Click the image to see the full size photo.

This morning we received another rumor that new model placeholders have begun appearing in an retailer who resells iPhones, Carphone Warehouse. In those images, the models were named “V3″, which could essentially stand for “Video” or “Video 3G”. Other retailers have also seen new inventory placeholders and end of life notices for the current 3G model.

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16GB & 32GB iPhones Appear in Carphone Warehouse, Next-Gen iPhone?


Apple Insider reports that four placeholders have appeared in the inventory list for new iPhones in the largest independent European mobile phone retailer and an official iPhone reseller, Carphone Warehouse.

It appears Carphone Warehouse is getting ready for the next-generation iPhone release, planned for announcement next week during WWDC. The pictures show a shot of their internal inventory system and includes four models in the listing, a 16GB and 32GB version, each sporting the colors black and white.

Do they know something we don’t? Many retailers have been sent end of life notices for the iPhone 3G and have been told to begin inventory clearance on those models, perhaps they are making assumptions that new models are on their way? It’s still unclear whether Apple will release the next-generation iPhone during WWDC, but word is that the next marketing efforts have been pushed to July 7th.

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Another Next-Generation iPhone Leak. Real or Fake?

iSpazio has posted pictures that they apparently received from a tipster who claimed the shots are from Apple’s development web server and are showing off pages that feature the next-generation iPhone (likely to go live directly after WWDC).

The first image shows of Apple’s Voice Memo application which is set for iPhone 3.0 and has been working wonderfully in the previous 3.0 beta firmwares. What’s interesting, is the images also show a front facing camera, presumably for the rumored mobile video iChat.

The second image shows off 3.0 tethering, however given the homescreen layout, it’s done on 2.x firmware rather than the 3.0 home screen layout. The image also appears to be the same exact layout as it currently is, but with a box reproduced to represent the new iPhone tethering, oddly with a different font than the Apple store always uses. Clearly, this appears to be fake.

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Fido Canada Roadmap Revealing 4GB iPhone with Video iChat?


The BGR ninjas have done it again, and captured what they describe as Fido Canada’s 2009 roadmap. FIdo was previously bought by Rogers and is now marketed as a budget GSM carrier which holds the iPhone, and apparently adding this newest iPhone to its inventory:

a 4GB iPhone model that will run for $99 and come with quad-band EDGE, tri-band HSDPA, a 2 megapixel shooter and, believe it or not, iChat video calling

We’ve all seen leaks and mistakes posted by carriers, but iChat video calling? Could this be true? If it were to be implemented, we would expect this huge change to be released globally, and surely not on a 4GB iPhone. After all, we just

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Apple to Deploy Four iPhone Models Ranging From 4 GB to 32 GB?


Engadget is reporting that Apple has just received approval from a certification board for four new iPhones with capacities ranging from 4GB to 32GB. We previously assumed that Apple would be releasing a 16 GB and 32 GB version.

4GB to 32GB — that’s one hell of a range, but we’re hearing from a trusted source that new iPhones in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB capacities just garnered approval by the PCS Type Review Certification Board, the standards body responsible for certificating handsets for use with some carriers (AT&T, for instance).

Engadget believes that Apple is unlikely to release high-end hardware and software features for the handset models with as low as 4 GB, which leads us to believe that Apple may begin offering models that are differentiated by more than just internal storage capacity. Rumors of Apple releasing an “iPhone Nano” with with scaled down hardware and software have been prevalent, could this new approval also tie in with the launch of different radio flavors?

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Apple Begins iPhone Assembly?


It appears Apple has put their foot in the door with reports that the 2009 iPhone production is underway. If these rumors are true, the hardware production inches closer and closer towards the third-generation iPhone release during Apple’s WWDC conference this June.

According to Apple Insider, Taiwan’s Commercial Times newspaper on Wednesday cited “component suppliers” who said that local companies began shipment on parts needed to assembled new iPhones. The parts were not specified, but this ties directly with last week’s report which indicated that OmniVision received orders from Apple for 3.2-megapixel cameras to be included in the handsets. However, 3 million “old and new’ iPhones are claimed to be shipped in the quarter following the new handset’s introduction. This differs from Apple’s typical cease on production of previous models when a new product begins production.

Two iPhones are also rumored to be released: One with a longer-lived batter and faster processor, and another with basic features to appeal to cost. AT&T is also considering tiered data plans that would allow customers and scale back on their plans and and bring down the minimum subscription cost. Apple will supposedly build between 5 million and 6 million all-new iPhones during the summer.

While these rumors are consistent with recent findings and Apple’s usual product release calendar, be sure to take them with a grain of salt.

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Video Recording/Editing In Next Gen iPhone? 802.11n?


When the iPhone 3.0 software was released to developers a few weeks back, many hints toward video recording were found in the new operating system.  First the MobileMe video upload screen, second we saw video MMS, and now iPhone 3.0 has turned up resources files that point towards video recording and even editing and trimming.  The application may be similar to Apple’s Voice Memo app which was added in 3.0 and allows the ability to trim and record audio.

In other news, driver support for a new Broadcom Wi-Fi chip suggests the inclusion of high-speed 802.11n in the future iPhone. This new chip would offer support for  low power 802.11n and is said to be included in the iPhone and iPod Touch set to be released later this year.

Now we just need the rumored 3.2 or 5 megapixel camera to be included with the next gen iPhone and we’re golden!

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Video Recording and Higher Megapixel Camera in Next Gen iPhone?

iPhone Camera Icon

If we haven’t had enough easter egg finds and rumors regarding the iPhone 3.0, you can now check video recording and a higher megapixel camera off the to-do list. We discussed the findings of the supposed Video Upload via MobileMe which led us to believe that the next gen iPhone would include video recording.

These new findings, by AppleInsider, claim that the next generation iphone hardware will include video recording as well as a higher megapixel camera. If that isn’t enough they are also rumoring that Apple will install a movie editing application, which will be similar to the memo recording app released with iPhone 3.0 OS. Incorporating video recording and a higher megapixel camera will definitely poke heads in the consumer market as the iPhone capabilities have been following behind other handsets.

So we possibly have a new (or two) iPhone’s this summer, video publishing along with video uploading, higher quality cameras, and OLED screens. This iPhone is looking better and better.

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Next Gen iPhone to Sport OLED Screens?


Smarthouse is reporting that Apple may have plans to jump into the OLED (organic light emitting diode) scene by implementing them into the next generation iPhone. We’ve all heard the rumors about Apple launching new OLED notebooks and displays, but will the iPhone sport the new trend first?

It’s also believed that a new iPhone and iPod Touch due later this year will include an OLED screen made by LG who last year scored a multibillion dollar deal to manufacture display screens for Apple.

Apple currently uses LED for the iPhone, MacBooks, and new 24″ Apple Cinema Displays. The move to OLED would allow the displays to require no blacklight and consume much less battery than previous products. It’s no surprise to us that apple would move to the more “organic” and “green” technology for their products.

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AT&T Offering iPhone With No Contract or Activation


BGR, is reporting to have received slides from an internal AT&T trianing presentation, which indicates that AT&T will be offering contact-free iPhone 3Gs to existing customers on March 26th.  By limiting the “no commit” pricing to existing customers and limiting one per active number, AT&T can limit the amount of phones purchased being use for unlocking and use on other networks, while still performing upgrades for those who are not qualified.

AT&T is restricting the No-Commit price to existing customers who wish to add a line, purchase as a gift, or perform and [sic] upgrade and are not eligible for the Qualified or Early upgrade price.

iPhone 3Gs will be priced at $599 for the 8GB model, and $699 for the 16GB model.  Unlike AT&T’s usual policies, no service agreement or device activation is required.  It also appears that while the slides state one phone per active line on the account, AT&T has limited means of enforcing this rule.  Only purchases made within within company-owned retail will show up in AT&T’s point-of-sale system, otherwise no marks will show up in the billing system.

Continue reading to view the entire slide collection.

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