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Hidden .com Button in Mail


Apple has included the clever .com button in Safari and most other applications, however at first look in the mail application it appears absent. Although it may seem this way, Mail does include a .com button, but it’s hidden.  To bring up the .com button dialog, press and hold on the period for two seconds and a popup container including the new buttons will come up.  Included are: .com, .net, .org, and .edu.

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Using Wifi in Airplane Mode


iPhone 2.0 software allows the iPhone to use WiFi while in Airplane mode.  While airplane mode disables all data connections, or so you thought, you can turn WiFi back on without the other data modules being activated.  To do this turn on airplane mode, once activated turn WiFi on.  This is a undocumented feature with 2.0 firmware and is very useful when in a location where transmitted service must be turned off or using airplane mode to save battery

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Taking Screenshot on iPhone

In addition to the many features in 2.0 iPhone and iPod firmware, the ability to take a screenshot is now available.  It is an undocumented feature and not often known by many users.  To take a screenshot on the iPhone follow the steps below.

Taking screenshot:

  • Navigate to screen/image you’d like to take a screenshot of.
  • Hold down the home button and sleep button momentarily.  You will hear a click and see a flash on the screen.  This means you’ve been successful in taking the screenshot
  • The screenshot images will show up in the iPhone camera roll, which you can then email, send to mobile me, set as background, etc.

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Enable Emoji for iPhone

Emoji for iphone enabled via Touch Dial

Emoji for iphone enabled via Touch Dial

You have probably seen those silly, perhaps entertaining, but overall puzzling emoticons sent to you by text message or any other app and email within the iPhone.  And many of you have probably already found the secret in enabling these images or have missed the previous applications to enable them.  A new solution is here!

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